Ukrainian Sports and Recreation Club

Ukrainian Sports and Recreation Club (USRC)


The constitution of the Ukrainian Association Sunshine Inc (UAS) shall be the prime constitution of the USRC. Specific rules relating to the USRC shall be tabled in this sub-constitution.

1. Name

The name of the club is the “Ukrainian Sports and Recreation Club” (USRC) and will function as a sub-association of the UAS.

2. Objectives

To promote among members an interest in sports, recreation and athletic events, e.g., Australian rules football, soccer, golf, volleyball, basketball, tennis, fishing, camping, etc.

To promote Ukrainian culture and language through sport.

To forge closer links between Ukrainian sports’ supporters in the Ukrainian Diaspora and those based in Ukraine.

3. Membership

Membership shall be open to all Ukrainian sports’ supporters, who are current financial members of the Ukrainian Association Sunshine.

The club will keep a membership database.

There will be no requirement to pay an annual membership fee to the USRC.

Approval of individual membership shall be at the discretion of the club committee.

The committee has the right to suspend a member with immediate effect, if

oany individual has acted in a way that is prejudicial to the interests and objectives of the club

oceases to be a financial member of the Ukrainian Association Sunshine

4. Premises

Meetings shall be held at the UAS complex, in both the large and small halls as required, and will be provided rent-free by the UAS committee for all USRC functions.

The USRC agrees to leave the premises in a neat and tidy order, and will be responsible for payment and/or repair of any negligent or willful damage to the premises or equipment.

5. The Committee

The club committee shall consist of 3 officers (chairperson, secretary, events coordinator). The role of the officers of committee shall be:

Chairperson: The Chairperson will be the Chief Executive Officer of the club. They shall preside at all club meetings, co-ordinate club activities, amend club rules and deal with procedural queries

Secretary: Will keep minutes of committee meetings and take responsibility for all communications of the club.

Events coordinator: Will maintain an up-to-date database of club members and organise all USRC events/outings.

The committee can co-opt other members to fill vacancies or create new positions in the committee should this be deemed necessary.

6. Election of Club Officers

Club officers will be elected at the annual general meeting of the UAS.

Only financial club members are able to vote in club elections.

The committee must ensure at least one candidate is nominated for each office.

7. Removal of Officers 

Officers can be removed at an Extraordinary General Meetings by a two-thirds majority vote. The committee also has the right to remove an officer by a two-thirds majority vote. Reasons for removal shall be:

Failing to fulfill constitutional duties without extenuating circumstances

Bringing the club into disrepute

Misuse of club resources

8. Amendments to the Sub-Constitution

The sub-constitution can only be amended at a general meeting of the USRC. Any amendments must be accepted by a two-thirds majority.

Motions to amend the constitution must be sent to the club secretary at least 14 days in advance of the meeting, and must be proposed and seconded by at least two financial club members.

9. Dissolution

Should the USRC be dissolved by the decision of at least two thirds of the members present at a General Meeting, any remaining assets after the discharging of all debts and liabilities shall be distributed back to the UAS.

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